Candle Spells to Bring Lost Lover – Love Spells To Return Lost Lover

Candle Spells To Bring A Lost Lover

Candle Spells To Bring A Lost Lover

Are you heartbroken because your lover who once loved has left you and gone away? And even after several attempts, your lover is not ready to come back in your life? Have you tried everything but nothing allures your lover towards you? Well, if you cannot forget your ex-lover and you want them in your life at any cost, then you can cast simple spells to bring a lost lover. The spell will end your pain and misery and bring your lover back to you. It gives you an opportunity to revive your love life and make things okay between couples.

If you are suffering from pain and agony of losing a loved one and you literally cannot bear the separation, then simple spells to bring back a lost lover will be of great help to you. It will complete your wish and attract your lover in your life. The love energy doesn’t disappear from this world. It is always there and if your love is true, then love spells to return a lost lover will fix your love and restore it to the way it was.

Love Spells To Return A Lost Lover

No matter what problems has your love life been suffering from, what is the reason for the breakup, but the love spells to return a lost lover will definitely make things better. It will revitalize the love without impacting the free love and bring back your lover. However, you should cast love spells to return a lost lover under the guidance of a professional spell caster. He will ensure that you perform the spell correctly. Once the spell has been done right with firm faith and belief, your ex will definitely come back to you, sometimes faster than you may anticipate.

Love Spells To Return A Lost Lover

If you think that there has been some misunderstanding in your relationship and your ex-lover should give you at least a chance of explanation and should forgive you and forget everything to make a fresh start with you, then you should cast candle spell to bring lost love back. This spell will wipe out all the negativity and misunderstanding from your relationship and affect your partner in the way you want.

Candle Spell To Bring Lost Love Back

You can perform the candle spell to bring back lost love as it safe and one of the best remedies to resolve love issues and it works without hurting anyone.

Candle spell to bring back lost love is given below:


Select a red candle for passionate love and the pink one for romantic love. After choosing the candle, charge it with your particular intention and pray to God to open the heart of your lover for you. Pray to God to make your eyes more attractive to attract your lover, to make situations fall in your favor and bring the truth in front of your lover and to forgive you for any wrong that you have done.

Once the candle is charged, you are ready to cast the spell. For the spell you need 7 thorns, charged candle and red rose.

  • Relax and hold the candle while thinking about the desired result- like your love running back to you.
  • Write your lover’s name on the candle with thorn and visualize his/ her return.
  • Now immerse all the thorns in the name of your lover.
  • Anoint the candle with oil and place it on a holder.
  • Light it and image the best result for your situation and concentrate on it. Focus all your energy on it for some time.
  • Repeat this sentence: Power of the universe Bring _______(lover’s name) to me. So mote it be!
  • Let the candle burn out completely.

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