Lemon Spell For Enemies – Protection Spells From Enemies

Lemon Spell For Enemies

Lemon Spell For Enemies

Lemon Spell For Enemies: There are a lot of people around you who may not think good for you. Their aim is to harm you, hurt you and create problems for you. Hence, it is important that you take necessary measures to stop them from harming you. Hence, you should practice protection spells from enemies. The spell will protect you from the harmful attacks of your enemy and keep you secure. None of their bad intentions will ever be able to cause any harm to you.

But, sometimes it is not just about your protection. It is also about your revenge. It is important to teach a lesson to your enemy so that they may think twice before hurting you in the future. The lemon spells for enemies will help you in taking your revenge. The severity of the spell depends on your feelings. However, before casting the spell, make sure that you really want to do it because there is no returning of the spell after it has been cast. And, you should only cast lemon spell for enemies, if you are really tortured by them. Don’t cast it simply to hurt someone who hasn’t done any wrong to you.

Protection Spells From Enemies

Protection Spells From Enemies

The spell will ruin your enemy’s life and hurt them personally, professionally, financially and health-wise. It will show no mercy on them. If you really want to give your enemy a taste of their own medicine, then lemon spells for enemies are just the perfect solution for it. It will make your enemy pay for all the damages they have done to you by messing their personal and professional life. And because the spell is extremely powerful, it shouldn’t be performed alone. You should do it under the guidance of a professional spell caster.

However, if you are looking for ways to protect you and your family first from your enemy, then protection spells from enemies will be the right solution for you. It will not let anything affect you or your family. No matter how tough your enemy tries to harm you, but all his efforts will go in vain and he will not be able to do anything against you. Cast the protection spells from enemies to create a shield of universal forces of natures around you who will safeguard your very existence.

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Lemon Spell For Enemies is given below:

For this spell, you need 9 nails, your enemy’s picture, lemon, candle, black utensil and cursing oil.

Light the candle. Chop the lemon and put your enemy’s picture in between. Now channelize all your anger, frustration, resentment and wrath and penetrate sharp nails in the lemon. With every penetration, your resentment should increase. Once you have penetrated all 9 nails, think about the worst thing which you want to happen to your enemy. Let the lemon rot in the mud. 

You have successfully completed the spell. Soon you will get to see the worse of your enemy. Don’t worry, there will be no doubts about you.

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