Lost Love Spells To Get Your Ex Back Fast

Lost Love Spells

Lost Love Spells

If you have lost the one you had loved with all your heart and soul. But due to some reason, he broke up with you or maybe you broke up with him/her. After the break up you went through a lot. The pain became even worse when you realized that you both won’t be able to talk to each other ever. You cried, became restless and wanted to get your ex-lover back. If you are really dying to bring back you love then there is a way i.e. lost love spells.

Spells to Get Your Ex Back Fast

The lost love spells create a soft corner in your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s heart for you and develop intense love and honesty for you. These are free spells to get your ex-back Fast which is really effective. With the help of these free spells to get your ex back, you can make the impossible thing possible and that too easily.

Free Spells to Get Your Ex Back Fast

In order to get you, lover back you need to cast a full moon candle spell to bring your lover back. The full moon is when one can see the fully illuminated and completely circular moon. Poets had been inspired by this moon and wrote a wonderful piece of art/poem. At this time natural powers are at their peak and the n mind is exposed to various forms of influence. Emotions become really intense. The round shape of the moon also symbolizes the fullness and fulfillment of desires.

One can practice magic during full moon night. While performing the magic one has to recite the spells. These statements are nothing but one’s own desires. These desires are stated with full faith and deep in one’s mind, one has to make oneself believe that one has already achieved everything that one has desired. A candle is also used for making the magic more effective.

Full moon candle spell to bring your lover back

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Spell To Bring Your Lover Back

Spell To Bring Back an Ex-lover is given below:

For the candle spell to bring back an ex-lover, you need a candle, scented oil, pen, and paper.

  • First of all, go out in an open space from where you can clearly see the full moon. Then write down a letter in which you’ll state your desire i.e., get your ex back. You need to be extra cautious while writing down the letter and mention everything you want in the relationship.
  • Then rub the oil on the candle and inscribe your ex-lover’s name on it. You can do that using a sharp and pointed object. Along with your lover’s name inscribe heart shape on it.
  • Now read the letter that you have written and while you read it just imagine that you have got everything that you have written.
  • Now light up the candle and let it burn completely.
  • After the completion, don’t expect that your lover would come running instantly. Instead, have faith, let the spell take its time. It will certainly work.


Although you can take the candle any color it is best to use white or silver candles for performing this spell. As far as scented oil is concerned it is suggested that one should use lavender, jasmine, lime, sandalwood, peppermint, camphor or citronella.

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