New Moon Love Spell – Full Moon Wiccan Love Spells


 New Moon Love Spells

Do you want to bring a person in your life that makes the world a better place to live in? Do you want a true partner for you? Well, with the help of moon love spells, you can attract the right person, your real soul mate in your life and make your life perfect. It is the best way to attract eternal love in your life. The New moon love spells will help you search for your true love. It works by harnessing the power of the moon as well as its energies. It will help you to draw true love to you if you truly desire it from your heart.

The new moon love spell doesn’t work on a specific person. It uses the power of the moon and universe to attract your real love in your life who is 100% compatible with you. The moment you chant a new moon love spell, you surrender yourself to the power of the moon. It brings amazing positive energy and vibes in your life which changes your life for the better. Just as the moon lightens and brightens a dark night, so will it help you lighten your life and path of true love. It will bring the most perfect partner in your life.

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Full Moon Wiccan Love Spells

Full Moon Wiccan Love Spells

Full moon Wiccan love spells enhance your spiritual power to attract someone who is just made for you and uses the power of nature and moon to lead your true love to you. It brings you a partner you have always dreamt of. It visualizes your personality, future, and ideology and gets you to someone who is just like you. However, it is very important that you cast full moon Wiccan love spells with great caution and care. It is better to perform it under the guidance of a professional spell caster.

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The new moon love spell is given below for you:

For this spell, you need a pink cord around 1ft, pink candle, pepper and salt shaker, jasmine incense, attraction oil as well as dragons blood incense.

You have to cast this spell on a new moon night. On the new moon night, first, cast your circle at the altar with the help of some salt and mark an outline of the circle. Now take the pink candle and rub it with attraction oil. Keep it in the center of the circle.

Take one of the incenses and keep it on the left side and put the other on the other side. Now light the incense and candle. Hold the pink cord and bind it to the salt shaker and say this spell:

“Goddess be with me, the salt shaker is me”

Now take the pepper shaker and tie it on the other end of the cord and say “The pepper shaker is the love I seek”

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Now tie both the shaker together and keep them in front of the candle. meditate and do not let any distracting thoughts come to you. I wish and pray for pure love to come to you. Think of a good life with your partner and of having a family you have always wanted. Once you have meditated well, blow out the candle and see the smoke rising away to find your true love.

Next morning untie the shakers and light the candle and re-tie them again with 0 distance. Do this for 7 days constantly. Surely by the end of the 7th day, your lover will enter your life in some way.


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