Protection Spells For Empaths – Wiccan Spells For Protection

Wiccan Spells For Protection

Protection Spells

As a human everyone is surrounded by positive and negative energy around them. However, negative energy does have a bad impact on people and leads to bad things in life. But, there are ways in which you can channelize more positivity in your life and wipe out all negative influences and energy and protect yourself. The protection spells keep you secure from all types of magic, black magic, negative people and banishing spells. It creates a protective shield for you and works as your protective amulets. 

When you are around so many people and things in the world, you are bound to get influenced and affected by bad things in the world. But the protection spells will keep you preserved and will help in keeping your positivity intact. It deals with protection against all negative influences. It helps in expelling unwanted things from your life which could possibly be of great harm to you. If you feel strengthened by someone or you have any enemy in life that may harm you, then you should cast Wiccan spells for protection. The spells will keep you safeguarded and happy in life without worrying about any kind of threat from anyone. 

Protection Spells For Empaths

Wiccan Spells For Protection

If you want to cleanse your soul and body and keep it free from all the bad things around you and keep yourself surrounded by positivity, then Wiccan spells for protection is the best way. It will not let any evil eye, black magic, white magic, spells or bad things harm you. It will make your life free from all negativity and never let you indulge in any kind of problem. It will preserve your body and soul. It has blessings to wipe out anything bad which is about to take over the goodness around you.

If you are very troubled and you want to feel secure and safe, then protection spells for empaths is the best remedy for you. You can discuss the procedure of protection spells for empaths from our professional spell caster. He will give you the necessary steps and soon you will get desired results. At times things aren’t good and maybe you feel devastated and affected by negativity. If you feel such a situation in your life, then protection spells will keep you secured. You can cast the spell Wiccan spells for protection for yourself as well as for your dear ones.

Protection Spells For Empaths

For this spell, you need a mortar and pestle, bottle with lid, white candle, paper, black pen, black thread, and some sea salt and iron fillings.

  • Grind salt and iron filling in mortar and pestle. Now write on the parchment paper with the black pen “I neutralize the power of everyone who tends to harm me and I ask to correct this and protect me in all scenarios.”
  • Roll the paper, tie with black thread and put it in the bottle. Put the grounded ingredients too. Seal the bottle.
  • Light the candle and concentrate on the flame and convey for your protection to the universal forces.
  • Now dig deep and bury the bottle.

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