Candle Spell For Love – Red Candle Love Spell Chant

Candle Spell For Love

Candle Spell For Love

Getting loved by the person you love is all that a true lover asks for. If you also love someone and you want that person to love you unconditionally, then you should cast easy candle love spells. The love spells will help you in filling their hearts with love for you. It will give your love story a boost and your crush will start developing feelings for you. The candle spell for love generates affection, love, undying feelings in your partner’s heart and they will confess their feelings for you on their own.

Red Candle Love Spell Chant

As red is the symbol of love, this red candle seems to work best for love spells and help you achieve desired results. The red candle symbolizes red magic. It includes the magic of love and spirituality which stands somewhere between white and black magic world. Hence, you can say that the red candle spell incorporates the best of both the worlds and is extremely powerful. It only adds positivity and love to your relationship and makes it grow stronger and better with every passing day. Red Candle Love Spell Chant is very powerful and brings adoration in your lover.

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Red Candle Love Spell

Pink Candle Love Spell

Sometimes you are not satisfied with your relationship. You want your lover to be passionate for you. You want him/ her to love you unconditionally. If you want your lover to turn to a Romeo/ Juliet for you and love you with all the love they have, then pink candle love spell is your one-stop solution. You should cast the spell to make your love story pink-hot. It will recharge your love life with immense feelings and make your lover love you immensely. However, it is important to cast the pink candle love spell per the advice of a professional spell caster.

pink candle love spell is given below:

At night, look out for a silent and dark place in your house and light the pink candle. For a few minutes, continue staring at the flame and feel the love expanding in you, ultimately overflowing and filling the complete space around you.

After you have reached this stage, recite this chant at least 11 times:

I demand the forces of the nature and Universe

I ask the spirits and the Angels over watching me

To make my love grow stronger and powerful

Make sure you memorize the spell and do not read it line by line when casting. You need to have 100% focuses on the spell. Make sure you say all the words correctly or the spell might not work. Once you have said it 11 times, calm yourself down and blow the candle.

Now try it again the next day. And keep doing it till the pink candle completely burn out. Maximum it will last for 3 to 5days. Now, wait for the results. Very soon you will see that your lover taking more interest in you. Your lover will get more involved in you and your relationship will get stronger.

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