Santeria Love Spell With Honey

Santeria Love Spell

Santeria Love Spell

If you are looking for a spiritual practice to guide you to the love you crave for, the love you have in your life or the love you want back, then Santeria love spell will help you attract the energy of love in your life. The magic spell will help you attract your true love to you. Santeria is a personal practice in which a person alters their practice to get specific results. So, you can use it specifically for your desires. Santeria has originated from Cuba and is widely practiced in the US and Latin America.

Like other love spells, Santeria love spells With Honey work by channeling the energy of your wants and turning them to reality. You can change the energy around you and make the world see you in the manner you want. The simple and easy Santeria love spells to attract your love to you and make them want you. It also makes your lover love you more intensely. No matter what you desire from your love life, the magical Santeria love spells will make it possible for you. The spell establishes a closer connection between you and your lover and rejuvenates your love life.

Santeria Love Spells With Honey

The Santeria Love Spells With Honey are known to eradicate all negative energies from your life, your relationship, and marriage. Once you have cast the spell, it established higher spiritual energy to safeguard your love life or bring back your lost love, heal a damaged relationship and assure eternal love. The magical Santeria love spells remove all infidelity from your relationship and make your partner sexually attracted to you.

If you are looking forward to bring a new person in your life and establish a connection, then flirting will come to you. The spell is effective on different levels and you are likely to end up in a never-ending bond. Hence, you shouldn’t take Santeria love spells lightly as there is no reversal or turning back. Make sure you seek the help of a professional spell caster when casting Santeria Love Spells With Honey. And remember to use it only for positive purpose i.e. to spread love, harmony, affection, and peace.

Santeria Love Spell

For Santeria Love Spellyou need 2 pink candles, picture or you and your love, paper cut in the shape of heart and Orisha to call upon Oshun

Clean and consecrate the candle. Write your wish, aims and desires on the heart’s back. Be specific. Call upon Oshun. Ask for everything you desire and pray for it. Be precise and pray very calmly by connecting with the universe.

Keep both the candles one foot apart. The left one is you and the right one is your lover. Now keep the photos respectively. Make sure the photos are touching the candle. Now take the heart and put it on top of your photo and make sure it touches the candle.

Light the candle and pray to Oshun for your love, shift your loved one’s candle a little closer. Let it burn for 7 minutes and then snuff out. Do this for 7 nights. And on the last night, make sure both the candles, photos and the heart are touching. Allow the candle to completely burn out. Hide the heart and photos in a secure place until your lover enters your life. And, once it happens, bury everything.

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