Spells To Curse and Destroy Someone

Spells To Curse Someone

Spells To Curse Someone

There are a number of people who never do any good to you, rather cause you to harm in life. Sometimes you ignore such people, but sometimes you need to answer them for all the wrong they have done to you. If you think that someone has caused you to harm more than you can take in, then Spells To Curse Someone would be the right way to seek your revenge. The curse spell will make that person sick or bring misfortune in his life. He will suffer from troubling you.

If you are looking forward to seeking revenge from your enemy who has caused immense problems in your life, personally or professionally, then you should cast a spell to destroy someone. The spell will crush that person and make him suffer in all stances of life. He will have health issues, financial problems, and personal sufferings too. If someone has given you or your dear one’s pain, then spell to destroy someone will just ruin his life. However, it is important that you cast the spell depending on the pain which that person has given you. 

Spell To Destroy Someone

Spell To Destroy Someone

It is also essential to re-think once before casting spells to curse someone as there is no reversal of the spell and it will completely destroy your enemy’s life. So, think wisely and then cast the spell. You should seek help from a professional spell caster to find out how to cast revenge spells. Once you the method, you can cast the spell. Make sure you do it with complete faith and sincerity. The spell will degrade him in personal and professional life and he will suffer for all the wrong he has done to you.

If your enemy has threatened to harm you, then you should immediately find out about how to cast revenge spells and cast it. Your enemy will not be able to create any further problems for you, rather he will struggle in his own life, clearing his mess. So, just cast the spell and wait for the results patiently. Sometimes the result may take some time but, you need to have patience. If you think that your enemy is trying to kill you, then you should cast a spell to destroy someone and just crush your enemy before he lays a finger on you. The spell will destroy him, his life and his work completely and he will suffer miserably.

How To Cast Revenge Spells

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How To Cast Revenge Spells

For this spell, you need a picture of your enemy, some water, pot, cinnamon powder as well as cinnamon sticks.

  • Pour water in the bowl and dip your hand in it.
  • Think of the pain which your enemy has given you.
  • Put cinnamon sticks and powder in the water and infuse it with negative energy.
  • Keep saying bad things about your enemy till all your anger and pain is over.
  • Pray for the fear, guild and bad times of your enemy. 
  • Once you are done, burn the picture of your enemy and throw the ashes in the pot. 
  • Now dump the water in gutter.

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