Spells To Heal Broken Heart And Mend Relationships

Spells To Heal Mend Relationships

Spells To Heal Broken Relationships

Every relationship comes with its own rules of ups and downs. Whether it is your partner, your family, parents or siblings, negativity is bound to enter into any relationship and weaken the bonds. However, one of the best ways to get rid of it and to make your relationship stronger and unbreakable is to cast spells to heal broken relationships. The spell will help you harness positivity in your life and relationship from the universal powers and banish all the negativity which have been weakening your relationships and causing problems in your love life.

Spell To Mend A Relationship

With the help of spells to heal broken relationships, you can mend your damaged relations and wipe out the bad memories and give your life a fresh start. The universe is constantly radiating positive energy and it is we who have to use it for our benefits. When you cast spell to mend a relationship, you actually desert all the negativity and take up the positive feelings and aura in your life. The universal powers give you the strength in mind and heart to make your relationship better and exile the relationship problems. However, you should cast spell to mend a relationship with complete belief and firm faith to attract the best for you.Spells To Heal Broken Relationships

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Spell To Heal a Broken Heart

If your relationship with your siblings, parents or relatives has gone sour and you want it to become like before, then you should cast spell to heal a broken heart. The spell does wonder and yields immediate results. Very soon you will notice that things will start turning into your favour and very soon all the bad things will get out of your relationship and everyone will return back in your life. In order to get complete knowledge on spell to heal a broken heart, you should get in touch with a professional astrologer. He will also direct you the ways to cast the spell effectively

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For spell to heal a broken heart, you need lavender oil 3 drops, some dried blueberries, 1tsp tamarind, 1tsp mint, 1tsp salt, 4 white candles, 1tsp rain water, 1tsp dirt, jasmine incense, charcoal, matches, paper and pot.

Light the white candle and now place them in cardinal positions (north, south, east and west) and keep the pot in the middle.

Light the incense with candle flame of the north. Now write your name on paper using charcoal. write the name of the person with whom you want to mend your relationship with. Drop 3 drops of lavender oil on their name. Now tear 3 pieces of paper and keep it in the pot. Add dried blueberries, tamarind, mint and sea salt in it.

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Now pick the candle in the west and drop 3 drops of wax in the pot. Repeat it with the other candles of south, east and north. And while dropping wax just focus on healing the broken heart of your friend, lover, relative or partner and pray to introduce love, affection and positivity in your life. Let the candles burn out completely. Add rain water and dirt. And, bury the pot the same night.


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