White Magic Love Spells That Really Work

White Magic Love Spells

White Magic Love Spells

Love is a mutual feeling but sometimes, your love is one-sided and it really hurts a lot. If you want to make your crush fall in love with you, then you can easily cast white magic love spells. They are most popular love spells and more than 90% of the spell casters practice it to bring love and affection in a person’s life. You can also cast white magic love spells to attract your lover towards you and start your life with him/ her. The magic spell will make that person fall in love with you, your habits and your persona.

Falling in love isn’t an easy task but seeking help of white magic spells may do wonders. The spell will bring happiness and joy to your life by making your crush think positive about you. They will witness all your good qualities and will feel attracted towards you. The white magic spells will invoke their heart to guide them to a path of true love through its magic. However, remember, one can only cast white magic spells with honesty and purity or else the spell may not work.

Magic Love Spells That Really Work

Magic Love Spells That Really Work

White magic love spell can help you bring your lost lover back in your life. It encourages them to think about the positivity of the relationship and how much they miss you and your love and come back to you. The spell also removes obstacles from your life and helps you search your true love. White magic love spells that really work shows amazing results in different fields of love. It may encourage your present lover to propose you for marriage. So, you need to do it with the right intent to get the perfect result for your case.

Cast white magic love spells that really work involves using your own energy and interlinking with the universe energy. Then the energy will reach the person you love and will guide him/ her to do what you hope they should do with regards to loving you. Your motivation and intent give power to the spell. However, the spell will not force a person to love you but will bring love to their forefront and they will decide what to do. Thus, you should perform white magic spells that really work only when you are 100% sure.

White Magic Spell For True Love

White magic spell for true love is given below:

For white magic spell for true love, you need a glass jar, sugar, pen, red color paper heart, and a red and pink candle with full moon oil.

Cast a circle on the altar. Anoint the pink and red candle with full moon oil. Keep them in the center of the circle with the jar. One the paper write your lover’s name 9 times on one side. Now write the message you want to give you lover on the other side. Drop three drop of full moon oil on the paper and fold it into half. Keep it in the jar.

Now pour the sugar in the jar and cover the paper completely. Put your hand on the jar and visualize them and express all what you feel for them. Think of both of you together with so much love around. Feel positive, feel loved and happy. Now wait till the candles burn out. And, keep the jar safe. 

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